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All Hail Pale is a BJCP sanctioned competition serving as part of the LAB tasting course in which trainees are paired with qualified judges and assigned to a flight of entries to be assessed in accordance with the 2015 Style Guidelines.

Accordingly, the competition is structured around the pale style beers covered in the first few sessions of the course (click Info above). Styles of beers that come in both pale and darker varieties, such as the Biere De Garde, Saison and Kellerbier, must therefore be entered as their pale variety.

Specialty versions containing the likes of herbs, spices, sugars, fruit, wood, brett and alternative grains are to be entered under the custom category 35A 'Specalty Version'.

Experiemental beers are permitted an SRM of upto 10 (pale amber).

A list of accepted styles is available on the info tab of this website, here.

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Luke Slisz — Competition Coordinator


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London Amateur Brewers
London Amateur Brewers
London Amateur Brewers are a friendly and passionate group of home brewers from London and the Home Counties who meet every first Monday of the month to share their skills, knowledge and beer in order to improve their brewing and and widen their appreciation of the world's most complex beverage.
Bermondsy, London
UBrew is a bar and open brewery in which members brew their own beers on home and commercial scale kits (such as Old Kent Road, Seven Sisters and Left Bank who do some tasty stuff) and join a community of both professional and amateur beer enthusiasts.
Online, Salisbury
BrewUK is an online homebrew shop that offers an extensive range of equipment and ingredients at a competitive price, alongside live sales support and first class postage with free delivery on all orders over £65.