Thanks to all who participated in the All Hail Pale Homebrew Competition.

There were 75 entries judged and 94 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyle
1stJames PettiforHazelweiss 410A: Weissbier
2ndMarco BonzaniniDouble O Seven21B: Specialty IPA
3rdMark SandersonDingy Bar 5D: German Pils

Winning Entries

Table 1: German Lagers + Blonde Ales (6 entries)

1stMark SandersonDingy Bar 5D: German Pils
2ndNick DavisThrotmanni Export5C: German Exportbier

Table 2: Czech + International Lagers (4 entries)

1stBill MorrisLager Than Life2A: International Pale Lager

Table 3: American & Double IPAs (11 entries)

1stJoon Chung
Co-Brewer: Alec Lagrow
Westside Story21A: American IPA
2ndAnthony PainterPoppy 201821A: American IPA
3rdJordan SadlerRebel Rebel - Six Hop IPA21A: American IPA

Table 4: European Wheat Beers (6 entries)

1stJames PettiforHazelweiss 410A: Weissbier
2ndRussell Purves
Co-Brewer: Daren Fearon
Baws In A Weiss 10A: Weissbier

Table 5: Pale Commonwealth Beers (8 entries)

1stTim Passmore
Co-Brewer: Robbie Gaston & Hugh Rowberry
Aurum12A: English Golden Ale
2ndHugh Rowberry
Co-Brewer: Tim Passmore & Robbie Gaston
Jester Is King12C: English IPA
3rdWilliam DunnYe Olde Golden Balls12A: English Golden Ale

Table 6: Specialty IPAs (8 entries)

1stMarco BonzaniniDouble O Seven21B: Specialty IPA
2ndKarol Kawecki121B: Specialty IPA
3rdJacques MaraisHazy Daze21B: Specialty IPA

Table 8: American Pale Ales (10 entries)

1stIan SiviterZest In Show18B: American Pale Ale
2ndSam JonesVans18B: American Pale Ale
3rdRobbie Gaston
Co-Brewer: Tim Passmore, Hugh Rowberry
Evergreen18B: American Pale Ale
HMRick WoollissGaslamp Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale

Table 10: Strong Belgian Ales (14 entries)

1stSteve SmithThyme Of The Saison25B: Saison
2ndTom BrownEn Toute Saison25B: Saison
3rdTom Burrows Consaison 2: Pale Fire25B: Saison
HMStew HorneAtomium25A: Belgian Blond Ale

Table 11: Speciality Beers (8 entries)

1stLee ImminsOoldveek Singel35A: Specialty Version
2ndMark CharlwoodTraditional Lambic34C: Experimental Beer
3rdFraser WithersCool As A 35A: Specialty Version
HMPiotr MikuckiS34C: Experimental Beer