Winners - Black Friday Homebrew Competition

Table 1: Session Black Beer (11 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stRobbie GastonMilky MildDark MildSix Foot Brewing
2ndJerry PringleBlack Metal Mic CzechCzech Dark Lager 
3rdNick BosworthBlack Country NoggyDark MildBrewcialism

Table 2: Everything Porter (12 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJames TorrNah Yuh Carry Mi Things?American PorterHomebrew Brighton
2ndCharles AbbottHeavy On The ChipsEnglish PorterEast Anglia Craft Brewers
3rdWilliam DunnDunn's American PorterAmerican PorterWokingham Home Brewers
HMLee ImminsBring Your Daughter To The PorterEnglish PorterLondon Amateur Brewers / Brewcialism

Table 3: Adjunct Stout (12 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stPhilip CoulterSandy's Sweet StoutSweet StoutPortsmouth Homebrew Club
2ndThomas HandysidesBlack MondayOatmeal StoutHertford Brew Club
3rdJonathan PurdieMocha StoutSweet StoutBrewcialism
HMCharles TinsleyBounty HunterOatmeal StoutHome Brew Brighton

Table 4: Strong Stout (11 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stMark HopkinsUncle Sam StoutAmerican Stout 
2ndBarry WattsMauby StoutTropical StoutLab
3rdDevon MacdougallBlack ArmadilloAmerican StoutLondon amateur brewers

Table 5: Imperial Stout (13 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stPaul GauntDark HorseImperial StoutAberdeen homebrew club
2ndGeorge HedleyVladimir PutinImperial StoutHertford Brew Club
3rdJohn KellettNot To Be RushedImperial StoutBrewcialism
HMMike CarterA Bit Of Inner DarknessImperial StoutLAB

Table 6: Smoked, Wood, Wild and Other (14 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stPiotr MikuckiPOther Black BeerBrewcialism
2ndMark SandersonFriend Of TomOther Black BeerLAB
3rdKen BazleyRodenblackWild or Sour Black Beer 

Table 7: Fruit, Veg, Spices and Herb (13 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stRussell PurvesAlone In A Crowdie Fruit Black Beer 
2ndNeal IrvinDarkside Of Paradise Spiced, Herb or Vegetable Black Beer 
3rdAnthony PainterThe ItalianSpiced, Herb or Vegetable Black BeerBeer Boars

Table 8: Black IPA (17 entries)

Pl.Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stAnna MoeTropical NightBlack IPA 
2ndIan CheeserightConcentrate And Ask Again LaterBlack IPALeeds Homebrew Collective