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The Hayesenbrau Award is an annual club competition to celebrate and commemorate the founder of the London Amateur Brewers :  Ant Hayes. 

The format of the competition is decided by LAB members about a year in advance.

For 2019, the competition is for Session Beers of 3% abv or less only.

The Hayesenbrau Award is decided by popular vote at the May LAB meeting.

In addition, there is a parallel BJCP sanctioned competition where the beer is assessed by at least two qualified judges against the style guidelines. This is mainly to keep the pool of LAB judges 'match fit'. For entrants to this part of the award, score sheets and written feedback are provided on each entry. 

Either or both parts of the competition may be entered

Guidelines and information required

- The competition is for Session Beers of 3% abv or below only. Brewers should be able to produce on request a recorded recipe with target ABV <3% at point of bottling. Brewers are trusted to measure ABV using their typical methods and to report ABV accurately. Brewers should take reasonable steps (e.g., dilution at start or end of fermentation) to ensure ABV is <3%. A small margin of error - up to 0.3% - may be allowed by discretion of the competition administrator if there is reasonable explanation as to why the target ABV could not be achieved (e.g., if the brewer had already bottled their beer before rules were finalised on 24 March 2019).

- Where brewers are unsure if their beer is eligible, it is recommended the brewer first applies the principle of 'don't be a d£@k'. The brewer is then welcome to ask the competition administrator to adjudicate if the appropriate course of action remains unclear.   

- The competition organiser reserves the right to ask the winning brewer for proof that they have abided by competition rules in the form of a recipe record and notes of OG and FG readings. 

- BJCP Beer style; Target ABV and Actual ABV should be reported either in the entry information on this site, or to the competition organiser by email by 6pm before the day of the competition

- Any BJCP beer style is permitted however it is up to the discretion of the entrant to decide whether a given style can reasonably achieved within the competition constraint.

- For the public vote (on which the winner of Hayesenbrau) is determined, the voters will be asked for their favourite beer of the competition independent of fit to style. The target BJCP beer style of each entry will however be announced for educational purposes. 

- For the parallel BJCP judging (which will give each beer a score but will not be taken into account in judging the winning beer), BJCP judges will judge against style but will make reasonable allowance for the ABV constraint in their assessment of the beer. Judges may comment on the suitability of the style in the face of the ABV constraint. 

- On matters relating to eligibility and disqualification of entries, the decision of the competition organiser will be final. 

London Amateur Brewers History

Our founder, Ant Hayes (now sadly deceased), set up the club in 2007 with a challenge that he’d set with James McCrory, founder of the Craft Brewing Association. This was that we could regularly attract between 20 to 25 members to every meeting, something that was largely unheard of in other homebrew clubs around the country. The challenge was achieved within our first two years, and meetings now regularly attract 40-60 members. 

Ant was a South African who came to love British beer and was particularly keen on Brown Ales, so much so, that he even gave keynote speeches on the topic at overseas homebrewing conventions.

As a fitting tribute LAB made Brown Ale the subject of the first Hayesenbrau Award. Ant was also keen on lagers and made the production of a clear sorghum-based lager a lifetime goal. We do not know if he ever achieved this! 

Ant was one of the first Beer Judge Certification Programme (BJCP) qualified judges in the UK. His aim was to recruit and train judges in order to raise the standard of competition. LAB held the first ever BJCP sanctioned competition in Europe at its meeting on 5th July 2010.

On 29th January 2011, at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, LAB held the first BJCP exam in the UK and possibly Europe.

Hayesenbrau Award Winners (Public Vote)

Year     Style / Theme            Winner   

2013    English Brown Ales     Jan Jachnik

2014    Specific Ingredients    Joshua Walker

2015    Historic Burton Ales    Phill Turner

2016    Lager                        Phill Turner

2017    English IPA                Phill Turner

2018    SMaSH beer              Mark Sanderson

2019    Session beer (3% abv max). Ian Cosier


BJCP 2015 Judging Styles

If a style's name is hyperlinked, it has specific entry requirements. Click or tap on the name to view the subcategory's requirements.

36A Session Beer (maximum 3.0% abv) (Custom Style)  


Judging Session Locations and Dates

The Barrel Project
80 Druid Street, Bermondsey, London
Thursday 9 May, 2019 19:00, BST


Best of Show





The Hayesenbrau Award is decided by public vote and a trophy is presented to the winner.


Only kudos cometh from the BJCP Competition.


Awards Ceremony

The Barrel Project
80 Druid Street, London, SE1 2HQ
Thursday 9 May, 2019 21:00, BST